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Adams Ranch is a nationally recognized leading seed-stock resource in the cattle industry. Florida’s sub-tropical environment offers a unique opportunity to raise cattle in a 12-month open pasture cycle . The Adams Ranch seed-stock program offers Florida ranchers with a unique opportunity to grow your herd with a genetically controlled seed stock designed to optimize your success in Florida’s sub-tropical climate. The Adams Ranch Braford® and the Adams Ranch Reds® composites will help your herd become more productive and profitable.

Starting with the original Brahma and Hereford combinations, the Adams Ranch Braford® and the Adams Ranch ABEEF®, ARRAB®, and ARGEL® now form the Adams Ranch Reds® offer a new resource for the development of the Florida cattle herd.

These seed stock bulls and heifers now provide new options for increased productivity, fertility, longevity and grade out quality to our ranching partners.

Florida strong

The Adams Ranch Braford®

The Adams Ranch Braford® has been developed as a unique breed of cattle by combining the best of the Brahman bloodline with the strong tropical climate hardiness with the classic Hereford cattle of England, long noted for the quality of their beef to create the Adams Ranch Braford®, a cattle that possess unequaled qualities to permit open range ranching in Florida’s sunny but tropical climate with the tenderness and taste of the Hereford tradition.

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quality and yield

Composite Cattle: ABEEF®, ARRAB® or ARGEL®

The Adams Ranch composite program began in 1990 using the genetically uniform Braford herd to develop a new type of beef animal that would provide maximum heterosis with a carcass that would meet both quality and yield standards. It has taken nearly fourteen years to develop and certify the ABEEF®.

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